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“Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be and embrace the life that’s trying to work it’s way into your consciousness.” Caroline Myss

Welcome to Living Conscious

Do you desire a CONNECTED, BALANCED and INSPIRED life? 

Does the thought of unlocking your TRUE POTENTIAL light you up?

Are you ready to start tapping back into the FREEDOM and POSITIVITY you once had so you can bring it into your EVERYDAY life?  

Hi I am Kirsten, a Holistic Kinesiologist, a wife and a mum to two beautiful girls.
Once upon a time my favourite saying was
“ Well these are just the cards I’ve been dealt.”
And boy….was I wrong! 

This couldn’t be further from the truth.
 I now believe that we can most definitely create whatever our heart desires.
I help people in finding their true potential because we ALL have access to it.

It’s just a matter of clearing the path and getting back on track.

  Does life look like this for you?

+ A constant battle to get up in the morning
+ Feeling caught up in a never-ending cycle of jobs, chores and lists
+ Feeling like you are constantly doing things for others and are feeling resentful for it
+ Never getting around to doing the things you’d actually like to do for yourself
+ Your self-care is always last on the list
+ You know there is more in this life for you, but you have no idea how to tap into it
+ You feel controlled by the repetitive self-talk and the banter of your mind
+ You lack direction, enthusiasm in many areas of your life and are just “coping”.
+ You teeter between exhaustion and running on adrenaline
+ It feels way too scary to take a peek at your emotions and learnt it was safer to just stuff them down inside.
+ You feel stuck, alone and disconnected and you just cant seem to see a way out.

Let’s Find Your Spark!

          Kinesiology helps you learn more about yourself. It helps you find more self worth, shows you how to value your needs and desires and helps you connect back to the core essence of who you really are.

         Through identifying the underlying stresses and blockages within your mind, body and spirit, Kinesiology can help you unlock the true potential of how you really want and deserve to live.

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