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What Can I Do For You ?

Let me guide you.
Let me support you.
I have been through this.

And now, I want nothing more than to assist you in discovering what YOU are capable of.

Your body records every living thought, memory, trauma, experience and lesson that you have ever had.

It stores it and you are sub consciously accessing it to form beliefs and perceptions, which shape the way you live your life. 

I work with you in session to identify what these blocks and stresses are that are holding you back from livign the life you desire.

Kinesiology accesses the body’s sub conscious, our internal computer system via muscle testing and asks the body

“What is out of alignment here ?”

“What needs to happen here in order for this person to feel balanced, to be healthy, to access their soul and hearts wisdom?”

In session I will work with your body’s sub conscious to identify what is actually going on in relation to what you have come in to work on.
What are the blocks that are stopping you from accessing your hearts wisdom, your soul self?
Once we have identified what these blocks are we can then move on to correcting the imbalances.
Your body will identify the best correction for what it needs to be able to clear and release what is holding you back from living the life you desire to live

Each and every session is different and uniqueJust like you.
No two people are the same, therefore each session has a different storydifferent needs and different corrections.
Our first session usually begins with a one on one chat so that you can get to know me and I can get to know you.
We will discuss your history, your experiences, behavioural patterns and needs and this will allow me to get a picture of where we need to go in our work together.
We will also discuss what your inner most dreams are , what you have always wanted for yourself and what your most perfect ideal life would look like.
That is our benchmark. That is what we are striving for. You are are so capable of getting to that point.

You already hold all of the tools within you to get there.
I simply help guide you.
Path clearing, connection, guidance and support are what I can help you with to get there.
I facilitate the journey for you, but it is you that makes it all happen.

You are the master of your own destiny.

I will then use muscle testing to access your body’s wisdom.

You will lie down face up fully clothed on a massage table and our work will then go wherever it needs to go based upon what comes up as a priority form your body’s sub conscious.
The sky is the limit as far as what may arise in a session.

It could be a mixture of :

Kinergetics balances
Resonate Essences balance
Chakra balancing
Hara Line balance
Soul Centre balancing
Guided visualisations
Vibrational tools such as essences, sprays, sound healing, crystals, essential oils
Oracle cards
Aromatouch technique
Trauma balancing
Age regression
Innerchild work

The amount of sessions required are really dependent on you.
How ready you are to do the work both in session and in your life?
What I tell my clients is that you wouldn’t expect to have one session at the gym in order to obtain your dream body. Work and commitment are needed. The same theory applies here.
I will mention however, most people feel a noticeable shift within themselves if not immediately after the session over the next week or so.

We can discuss this in more detail via skype, email or over the phone .

Contact me me here for a complimentary 15 min skype session.

When you are aligned with your true self and connect with your hearts wisdom :

Self trust comes.

You can clearly identify what your own needs are and meet them yourself instead of trying to look for others to do it for you.

You seek the answers from within rather than from everywhere else because you trust yourself to know what you need.

You are confident in your decisions and own them with conviction.

Your relationship with yourself becomes richer and has more depth.

You feel your emotions in your body.
You can feel when you are out of alignment and you know what needs to happen in order to get back on track.

You let go of being the person you have become for others and you get back to becoming who it was you were , your innate nature you came into the world with.

 You start seeing the joy of like the way you did when you were a child.

 You develop a self love and honour for who you are.

 You make decisions from the heart rather than the mind.

 You feel emotions and move fluidly with them instead of pushing them down deep within.

 You let go of shame and guilt.

 You embrace forgiveness for yourself and others.

 You feel healthier in mind , body and spirit.

 You have more connected and meaningful relationships.

 You can tap into your intuition with ease.

 You will feel a sense of compassion and love for yourself.

 You will know that anything is possible for you, you are the creator of your dreams and your life.

 AND THEN …. what starts happening overall is that you discover you are beginning to live the life you always desired for yourself.

I know you are ready for this!

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